Josh Fox

“Josh is the real deal; he has a huge heart for the local church. These songs, no doubt, will be of great encouragement to many.” – Tim Hughes (Here I Am To Worship)

Raised in Humboldt County, CA, Josh learned the art of musical worship at a young age. His mother would strum her twelve-string guitar and sing melodies to God late at night, while his father, who couldn’t stay on pitch to save his life, belted out praise choruses during house church worship sessions.

When Josh was nineteen years old, he began leading worship with a high school ministry in San Diego. He couldn’t quite sing and play guitar at the same time, which led to some train wreck worship sets. He later moved north and began leading worship for the youth of Santa Cruz where he teamed in ministry with Dan Kimball. Josh and Dan have served together for nearly twenty years, pioneering the Graceland experiential worship gatherings, and eventually planting Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz. Josh also serves with Origins, a band of leaders, authors, misfits, and dreamers pursuing Jesus together, and dreaming of ways to share Jesus with the world.

Josh is on the brink of finishing a brand new worship album called “Heart & Soul” scheduled for release in early 2013. For this rootsy, organic album, Josh teamed up with friends Paul Mabury and Jason Ingram. Paul served as producer, and both helped with songwriting. Josh’s previous album “Radiant,” created with this same team, soared to #5 on iTunes.

Josh currently leads worship at Vintage Faith Church, an artistic community striving to introduce new generations to Jesus through creative expressions of mission. Josh received his M.A. in Ministry from Western Seminary and his B.A. in Literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Josh has led worship for twenty years in the local church, as well as national and regional worship events. Josh lives in Santa Cruz, California with his wife Danielle, their son London, and a new baby boy on the way.


“If you are looking for songs to bring into your youth, young adult or church worship gatherings, then you have a couple here to use. The songs Josh writes are very singable, theologically sound, and very God focused. I have personally had the joy of watching and experiencing people connect easily with these songs as ones to express worship and praise to God. I know Josh so well, and know that he writes these songs from a heart for God and worship with purity and prayer. This goes far beyond how singable the songs are.”

- Dan Kimball, Founding Pastor of Vintage Faith Church
Author of “They Like Jesus But Not The Church” and “Adventures In Churchland

“Josh has long been a great friend and source of inspiration. His willingness to risk and his ability to inject inventiveness and honesty in his music are rare things and I am grateful for his courage and savvy. Thank you for the opportunity to use the word “savvy.” –

-David Crowder (O Praise Him)

“Josh is the real deal; he has a huge heart for the local church. These songs, no doubt, will be of great encouragement to many.”

– Tim Hughes (Here I Am To Worship)

“Josh Fox is not only a great worship leader and songwriter, he is a true man of God with a heart for the church and I’m grateful to call him a friend.”

– Lincoln Brewster (Today Is The Day)

“Josh has a rare distinctive voice that pulls you in with a natural warmth and a soaring clarity. I believe he is one of the key songwriters and artists of this emerging generation of worshippers. I count it a great joy to be one of his friends and fellow believer in the vital role of the local church”

– Brian Doerksen (Come now is the time to worship)